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We LOVE beautiful things, but we also love our planet, animals and ourselves, so we started this store to inspire people to make choices that are beneficial for all of the above. We like to support small business owners that get their hands dirty making beautiful products, but also the ones that take a risk and try to fundamentally change old habits from the fashion industry. Sustainable, organic and cruelty free products shouldn't have to compromise in beauty and comfort, but it's sometimes hard to find those gems!

Having to surf the web for 'all natural' variants of your old time favorites can be tiring and time consuming. Two things none of us need in our busy lives (even when busy means searching for your new Netflix fix). We believe it shouldn't be hard to make the right choices, that's why we created one happy place full of conscious choices, pre made for you. We do our best to select the most caring brands so you can fill your basket guilt free! 



If there was ever a time we needed to take care of our planet (or our grand grand grand kids if that sounds any better) it is NOW! We often feel like our effort hardly makes a dent but it's all about starting a movement. And that can be as simple as taking a reusable bag to the grocery store, or tell people you care and show them Leonardo Dicaprio's documentary about saving the planet (even though you're mostly watching it because, well, teen love <3). But seriously, with the fashion industry being the 2nd largest polluter of water in the world, it's time we make different choices. Think recycle, upcycle and using biodegradable products (check out this yoga mat). Did you know it costs 2700 liters to make a single cotton t-shirt? Quite a bit for the average life span of a $20 tee. That's why we're exploring better alternatives!



We believe that no animals need to be harmed for our beauty, fashion or food products. With so many alternatives thrown around by Mother Nature, it is silly to keep on using animal products. Also, none of our products have been tested on our furry friends, just on human friends, that's all! 



Same story really. Who needs chemicals when all you need can be found hanging from a tree or growing in the earth? Nature happily provides us with the most nourishing plants and fruits, why not use them? Ever seen those tiny little beads in your facial scrub? You don't need them (cus: sugar does the same) and neither does the ocean (cus; it's plastic and ends up in marine life after you rinse it off your peachy skin). Our skin absorbs everything we feed it, so we might as well make sure it's non toxic! Our body care range is 100% natural and cruelty free.